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Strength and Conditioning

A strength and conditioning coach is a fitness and physical performance professional who uses exercise prescription specifically, but not limited, to improve the performance of competitive athletes. This is achieved through the combination of strength training and conditioning, alongside a variety of further methods. Strength and conditioning coaches also help athletes with injury prevention and proper mechanics within their sports performances


How does Strength and Conditioning have a performance impact?

Research has demonstrated that not only does training improve performance; it also shows that that incorrect training can cause decrements to performance. Using techniques such as plyometrics in some high-power athletes and sports-specific movements in others, strength coaches may improve physical function and athletic performance.


While these strength qualities vary between sports, athletes within the same sport have different technical and physical strengths and weakness and therefore require specific interventions. These specific needs are identified in conjunction with the technical coach and other service providers.


Once the specific strength qualities have been identified, they are measured and tracked to ensure that the strength and conditioning programme is being effective and achieving its goals.

A well-designed strength and conditioning programme, in conjunction with correct Nutrition, can increase the athletes’ tolerance to training and decrease the chance of injury.

This is done through identifying both areas subject to over load during the sport and individual weaknesses in the athletes.


1:1 Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Fast Tracking your training to a whole new level


By sticking to the basic fundamentals of strength and conditioning, combined with good coaching is all you need to get results. With Steve’s skills we are able to transform you performance levels. Lots of people say they can Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Clean  and Snatch but are you doing it correctly with good technique to prevent and stay injury free?


More importantly is the programme you are doing right for you?

Is it obtaining the best transfer to your sport and specific to your sport?


Continue reading below to find out more about what our sessions involve.


Session 1 – Consultation

The consultation is where we find out all about you. We’ll be taking your baseline measurements (height, weight, body fat %), discussing your goals, training & injury history, and sport (if applicable). In addition to this we will take you through a series of Dynamic Movement Screens that will allow us to identify any areas of inflexibility, muscular imbalances and inactivity, postural issues.

From all of this information we will be able to design the most suitable program for your current physical condition and goals.



Session 2 and beyond – Your training begins

In time for the second session Steve will have prepared your specially designed program and get you moving towards your goals. With Steve you don’t just get your S&C sessions, you get a whole program of exercise, giving you all the tools you need to achieve your goals.


MSc Degree in Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Level-3 Coach (1st 4 Sport)

Associate member of the UK Strength & Conditioning  Association

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