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Sports Nutrition


Steve is currently studying a MSc in Sports Nutrition  at Ulster University.  


One of Steve’s research areas is currently Ketogenic diets and Metabolic Flexibility for Power and Sprint athletes but also using this Ketogenic method for Science-Based body composition improvements.


Steve has been using a Ketogenic diet for over 6-months now and along with later introducing Carb cycling has proved to be very successfull to win the World Masters Track Sprint Cycling Championships out in Los Angeles, USA in October 2018, along with two other podium places in Sprint events.


Low Carb or Ketogenic diets are defiantly not for everyone!


..........but now with possibly 60% of people from UK/Europe/USA  who now have a metabolic condition, have pre-diabetes (probably without them realising) or diabetic then, using the correct nutrition strategies for them can be extremely empowering to address and resolve weight loss and or access to greater endurance capability, but also improved performance for Power and Sprint athletes, body composition improvements as well if they go about it in the correct way.


Part of Steve’s coaching services can help athletes or non-athletes address any nutritional issues they may have.


Currently Steve is working with and is achieving great success with a number of athletes and business people in weight loss and improving body composition.